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About me, my day and my interview

As you could have red on my social pages (and for those who missed it, I finally opened my Facebook page so, follow me people!), a few days ago the Italian magazine StarsSystem published an article about me and my drawings. It is an interview written in the Italian so, it took me some time to translate it trying to make it understandable for those of you who are not familiar with my language. Furthermore, I think that today is the perfect day to share it with you since is my birthday. So, happy reading to you, guys, and happy birthday to me!

Camilla Locatelli is a talented illustrator. The watercolor is her own world and Art Nouveau ladies are her models.

She’s 27 years old and lives in Parma. After the high school she studied medicine, but the call from Art was too strong. So, she left the medical School to attend the fashion design course at NABA – Nuova Academia di Belle Arti – and threw herself into Fashion and illustration.


We could define leaving the medical School a weird choice, considering that you were doing well as a student. A medical degree would have made you feel safer, especially in difficult time like the one we are living in. Was it an irrepressible desire of Art?

Yes, it was and it has always been so. I used to deal with Art, beauty and images in general since I was a child. My mother is an Art historian, my father an IT manager who loves to paint. I tried to study medicine but my calling was different.


So you landed to fashion design…

Yes, I did. Even if more than the designing and creating clothes, I’ve always been more into drawing them. I’m a real Fashion Illustration enthusiast, that’s what I’m focused on.


Illustration instead of photography?

Well, there’s a certain illustration which is closely related to photography. But, what I try to create is a light image, reminding fairytales. My landmarks come from the Mannerism paint, the Art Deco and that kind of gesture we have lost nowadays.


Are the pictures commonly used nowadays so far from us?

I think we are used to a quite standardized kind of images, with strong contrasts and clear strokes. Sometimes the overall effect could be even aggressive. I want to be more gentle and usually prefer a soft touch.


Is your soft touch understood by the most?

I hope so. But I believe that a nice picture is a nice picture. The crucial point is that there is a lack of experience about observation, I mean putting real attention on what you’re watching. Many times people prefer different kinds of image in place of the drawings.


You’re saying that some kind of images need a special effort to be caught?

Yes, we could put it this way. It is a fact that a gorgeous model is more effective than a roundish woman painted by Rubens.


This make me ponder and should make people think on it…

It is something quite inevitable and licit, I think. But, on the other part, understanding Art requires more effort. In fact, it is very important to be aware of what surrounds us, beginning from the school. We live in Italy, you just have to open the door and you’ll be swallowed by Art and history. But the truth is that in Italy the Art is considered as the Cinderella. The contemporary art is not even mentioned at school.



Is it a severe loss?

Yes, we need to know the Art. If you want to reach a deep comprehension and to achieve a method, you need to move from a solid basis. I could not even imagine a life without Art and beauty.


Few people love Art and work  with it… Less is more.

Yes they are few people, probably because it is a very hard way to follow in Italy.


But you worked and keep on working. So, it’s possible.

I believe that it is possible with dedication. As I came out from NABA, I received my first commission from a fashion house. Then I collaborated with GLAMOUR Germany and US LaPalme Magazine. An Italian multinational company nearby also asked me to create a series of illustrated GIF, even if their products have nothing to deal with Fashion. So, there are opportunities, the important thing is to seize them.

To sum up, this is the world of Atelier Antea, your personal website. Why this name?

Antea was a lady depicted by the mannerist painter Parmigianino in the XVI Century. I’ve always been attracted by the gesture, the pose and the details on this portrait (my favorite when I was a child). What I create and try to communicate is connected to this paint. It’s at the origin of Atelier Antea.

What about the future?

Well, I could not say. The only thing that I know for sure is that I want to keep on drawing. I make myself few questions, keep my mind focused on illustration and go on with dedication and resolution. I’m ready to what the future will bring to me.


Always being faithful to your style.

I’m a huge fan of kindness, both in real life and in my drawings. This is a reference point of my style. I think that there will be changes in my style; every artistic soul is evolving, even the barely creatives. But I want to carry on this sense of grace and kindness.


Do we need kindness?

Yes, a lot! It is even more necessary than Art. The kindness is the way through which I represent my world. I try to make it visible in everything I create.




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