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All about the crown

No, I don’t mean the Netflix series!

Yesterday I finally lighted up the first candle of my Advent wreath, which is the first decoration I pull off from the Christmas box. For who’s not familiar with this kind of thing, it is a Christian tradition consisting on decorating a  garland with four candles, each standing for one of the four weeks of the Advent. During the four Sundays preceding the Christmas Eve, the lighting of a candle gradually enlightes the crown. The Advent Crown is a Lutheran tradition, coming from the Nord of Europe; for this reason, it’s quite uncommon in Italy and also in my city. In fact, you can see it only in a few little area of the country. I acquired it because part of my family comes from one of this territories. So, every year I enjoy the wait of the celebrations gazing the candles light on Sunday evening.

I do love this moment, because it really puts me inside the Christmas atmosphere. For most of the people this is the loveliest time of the year and I’m no exception. So, while I’m waiting for all the decorations, the delicacies and the warm atmosphere that Christmas brings, I step into the mood with the candle light, the best company and some symphonies by Tchaikovsky. Well, now that the door is open, I can smell the lovely flavor of cinnamon and orange peel. Can you smell it too?










  • So beautiful and Christmassy! Hope you enjoy the holiday season!


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