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Back to childhood with the Advent calendar

Today is the first day of December (which is also the international AIDS day, as the red bow reminds you). So, let the countdown for Santa begins. As I use to do, since my childhood, today is the day I hang up my Advent calendar filled with chocolate candies. It is a Christmas tree made of fabric, decorated with pockets. To be precise, my boyfriend is the taste-taster. He’s a beginner on “calendaring” and I introduced him to this “activity”. Anyway, I pin the calendar-tree up on the sideboard, sharing with him a tradition that I really loved as child. My grandma gave me it, as a gift, so many years ago that I can’t count them. It’s a piece of memory which remembers me about joyful moments of my childhood. I think that Christmas, as all this kind of traditions, besides the religious meaning (which is not the matter of my post) has the power to wake up our sentimental and childish side. Making us able to be surprised in front of the little things of everyday life, this part of our being remembers us who we are, who we use to be as children and what made our mind fantasize. Isn’t it lovely to continue traditions that call cheerful feelings to mind? I think that as adults it’s important cultivating emotions that have been part of our childhood. As  Antoine de Saint Exupery says in his The Little Prince, “All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it”.




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