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Prada bag illustrated GIF

They say that he’s came back on fashion… literally. I think that probably you’ve already seen some of his hallmarks in the past fashion weeks. As the embroidery on a pullover, a print on a shirt or a pattern on a skirt or a coat....

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Autumnal color symphony

Following up the summery illustrated GIF, for my second seasonal illustration, I focused my attention on the autumnal play of colors. The natural world is a particularly prolific source of inspiration indeed. I particularly love to see how the colors change from one season to...

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Falling leaves

How lovely is going outside to enjoy a walk during this colorful period of the year? You could be totally surrounded by the amazing autumnal palette. Luckily I live surrounded by nature and it’s simply delightful to look at the window, gazing the lovely play...

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Demi-Vacation Mood

Back from a lovely vacation in the heart of Dolomites, I have to admit that, at the moment, I’m having some difficulties to come back to the everyday life. It’s always a pretty sad moment putting suitcases away because opening them, I can feel the...

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Playing with color codes

From CMYK to RGB. Or from Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key-Black to Red-Green-Blue. Translation: from the ink based color code to the light based one. Yes, because for those who are not familiar with this graphic stuff, there are two different ways to make and to name colors. What...

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Enjoy the morning

I do love to enjoy morning time and I love to do it slowly. I don’t know what most fascinates me, maybe  the calm, the brightness of the light, the lightness of the air or simply the awareness that the whole day is in front...

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Postcard from London

I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent mine looking for some fresh air in the hills nearby, since here arrived the summer heat. I finally had a little time to do that kind of things I usually have no time for (… I...

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Bottle in Wonderland

A few month ago, I’ve been contacted by an Italian international company named Acmi Spa, for a very interesting kind collaboration. Working on the beverage field, they invited me to come out from my usual repertory made of clothes and pretty faces, to face a...

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