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Fairy accessories

Here I am, ready for new drawings and adventures after my last silent week. Sorry for the inconvenience, nothing to worry about and I don’t want you  to get bored with my misadventures indeed.

I decided to start this week highlighting the complete series of accessories that you could find in my last illustration for the Draw A Dot contest. My boyfriend always asks me why I keep on taking part to this particularly contest, considering the fact that, after several tries, I was never awarded as one of the finalists. Well, if there’s something that I learned is that the journey is more important than the final destination which is true at work as much as in your everyday life (Paulo Coehlo docet). A contest represents a great call for a creative, not only the offer of a hint of visibility. In fact, a contest could bring you to face different subjects and to experiment new issues and techniques. At the end, something unexpected and really exciting could come out because you work on a specified subject but free to make your own choices.

Concerning my illustration, I would like to say that this time I feel very comfortable with my choices and I really hope that you  could appreciate them.

So, waiting for the pumpkins (their time will come soon!), please, be happy with the carriage!


dg-heels-by-camilla-locatellidg-accessory-by-camilla-locatelli dg-cinderella-heels-by-camilla-locatellidg-accessories-by-camilla-locatelli







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