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Me, myself and Gucci Resort



Sometimes you simply need some changes, don’t you? It could be your furniture disposition or more simply your haircut, the phone’s wallpaper or the color of your nail polish. Little things in your everyday life. Well, this is something similar to what I started to feel about my drawings: a desire of tasting something different. Have you ever felt this way?
If you have followed Atelier Antea from its birth (which is not far away), you’ve surely noticed that I have this thing with fairy. It’s simply part of my being. I’ve always been attracted by that kind of things which require large clothes volume and refined garnishments. This made me a full skirt and Rococo lover and a huge fun of Christian Dior (… honestly, who cannot affirm the same?!). But there’s another side of me, less childish and little represented here, that I would like to bring light on. So that’s the approach behind the illustration of these two looks that I chose from the Gucci Resort 2017 collection. I drew entirely by hand according to a more traditional approach. It was a long time since I did something like that, so I would really like to know if you like this touch of realism. I’ll be pleased to read your thoughts about it and what reflects yourselves.






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