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Playing with colors at the sunset

The perfect day to enjoy a colorful sunset, waiting for the falling stars, is for sure today, the Saint Lawrence Night. The 10th of August occurs in the middle of a period of strong shooting stars activity. Here, in Italy, it’s a tradition to spend this night with the nose up in the air waiting to see a falling star and when someone sees one of them, makes a wish. It’s a very romantic tradition which starts with the setting sun.

I can’t say how much I love to admire the color effect in the sky, especially when I’m so lucky to gaze it when I’m seated in front of the sea. If you have seen my drawings (and I hope you did it), you know how much I love colors, the soft shades above all. In effect, I find that this is a very inspirational moment.
Can you see it in your mind? Can you admire the lovely play of colors and light that begins from violet, keeps on with pinks, scarlet and ends with the orange? Wow…
Well, as I was saying, this is the right day to let the colors inspire you. I’ve been on vacation a few time ago and this lovely amusement occurs at just the right moment to water down the coming back. So, my plan for the night is to begin from admiring the sunset. And considering that the comets’ night is behind the corner, are you ready with your wish lists? Have you got any suggestion?





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