Graphic Design and Illustration

I’m an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, focused on Fashion and Digital.

Once graduated in Fashion Design at NABA – New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan – the passion for Art and Drawing led me to focus on my visual communication skills, at first as a freelance illustrator, nowadays as a Graphic Designer.

Working on both digital and traditional formats, I have good skills on digital content along with graphic design. I work on projects intended for the web, the social media and the press.

The following contents represent a short selection of projects I picked out.

Most of them are destined to social media.

PASTICCINO BAG – Motion graphics for Newsletter and Social Media


Graphic for Max Mara’s Newsletter

MF Fashion Anniversary

Illustration for Max Mara’s Instagram

Max Mara teasing on Instagram Stories

Fall-Winter 2018 Fashion Show

Weekend Max Mara’s Over-All jacket motion graphic

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